Tasmanian Landscapes

The forms, colour and light that shape the landscape are a constant source of inspiration. The sheer diversity of the Australian landscape allows Pam to capture this wonderful country in it’s ever-changing moods.

In Tasmania Pam has found a wealth of imagery in the rugged mountain peaks, luxuriant forests and pristine beaches. One of the few female landscape photographers in Australia, Pam looks for new angles and interpretations to apply to her unique feminine view of the world.

All landscape images are for sale.

Prices start at $80 including GST and postage within Australia.

  • Beech at Hounslow Heath

    Beech at Hounslow Heath

    Amazing colours captured in this shot
  • Boat Harbour Beach

    Boat Harbour Beach

    Stormy weather made for a dramatic shot
  • Bridport is a lovely town on Bass Strait

    Boats at Bridport

    Bridport is a lovely town on Bass Strait
  • Buttongrass at Cradle Mt

    Buttongrass at Cradle Mt

    Perfect afternoon light for this image
  • Cascade Falls Cradle Mt

    Cascade Falls Cradle Mt

    Falls near the Cradle Mt Lodge captured in late afternoon light
  • Chasm Falls Tasmania

    Chasm Falls Tasmania

    Long exposure photography captures the beauty of these falls
  • Church near Rossarden

    Church near Rossarden

    Tasmania has many lovely country churches
  • Coles Bay from the Lodge

    Coles Bay from the Lodge

    This photograph captures the beauty of Tasmania's East Coast
  • Convict ruins

    Convict ruins

    Juxtaposition of past and present
  • Cradle Mt from Dove Lake Rd

    Cradle Mt from Dove Lake Rd

    A different image of Cradle Mt
  • Cradle Mt from Ronnie's Creek

    Cradle Mt from Ronnie's Creek

    Landscape photography is often about seeing a different angle on the subject
  • Cradle Mt Link Road

    Cradle Mt Link Road

    Panoramic view from the Link Road
  • Cradle Mt Tasmania

    Cradle Mt Tasmania

    Another angle on Tasmania's famous icon
  • Guide Falls Tasmania

    Guide Falls Tasmania

    A restful spot in north west Tasmania
  • Hut Cradle Mt

    Hut Cradle Mt

    A look at the past hidden in the forest
  • hut Mersey River Tas

    Hut, Mersey River Tas

    This landscape image is of an old hut hidden in the bush
  • Kates Hut Cradle Mt

    Kates Hut Cradle Mt

    Picturesque hut captured in late afternoon light
  • Lake Hanson & fagus

    Lake Hanson & fagus

    The brilliant colours of fagus glow on a dull afternoon
  • Lake Pedder

    Lake Pedder

    Stunning scenery of Tasmania's south west
  • Liffey Falls Tasmania

    Liffey Falls Tasmania

    Forest and falls- a perfect landscape photograph
  • mountain stream Tas

    Mountain Stream Tas

    One of the many streams in the Tasmanian highlands
  • pandani Cradle Mt

    Pandani Cradle Mt

    Much photographed pandani
  • pencil pine & fagus

    Pencil Pine and Fagus

    Brilliant autumn colours photographed on a dull day
  • Pencil Pine Creek Tasmania

    Pencil Pine Creek Tasmania

    This lovely stream runs behind Cradle Mt Lodge
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