Panorama Images

Panoramas are a format much favoured by Pam. Panoramic images can lend a sense of drama and scope to a landscape. There is a focus on the subject without being distracted by surrounding elements, which are not necessarily part of the elemental image being captured.

Panoramic landscapes are perfect for printing on canvas as the medium gives a richness, but retains the simplicity of the image.

Photographs make wonderful gifts, or why not grace the walls of your home or office with one of these very special images.

All landscape images are for sale.

Prices start at $80 including GST and postage within Australia.

  • North Cronulla Beach

    North Cronulla Beach

    The photographer's local beach as a teenager
  • old barn Midlands Tas

    Old Barn Midlands Tas

    perfect late afternoon light for photography
  • Artists' Pool

    Artists' Pool

    A tranquil spot at Cradle Mt
  • pelicans Swanwick River

    Pelicans Swanwick River

    A serene scene
  • Cradle Mt & Barn Bluff

    Weindorfers Forest and Stream

    Moss covered creek bed in the Cradle Mt - Lake St Clair National Park
  • rainforest Liffey Falls

    Rainforest Liffey Falls

    Tree ferns dominate this area of rainforest in northern Tasmania
  • Botanical Creek Strahan

    Botanical Creek Strahan

    Panorama photography captures this lovely creek
  • Chillagoe QLD

    Chillagoe QLD

    The stunning colours of dry, tropical Australia
  • Swanwick Tasmania

    Swanwick Tasmania

    The stunning scenery of Freycinet National Park seen behind Swanwick
  • Tasman Peninsula rockpool

    Tasman Peninsula rockpool

    Tthe rugged area along the tasman Peninsula coastline
  • Cradle Mt & Barn Bluff

    Cradle Mt & Barn Bluff

    Perfect weather for this stunning panoramic scene
  • Terania Creek NSW

    Terania Creek NSW

    travel photography is an important part of Pam's work
  • Waterhouse Point

    Waterhouse Point

    Wide angle photography adds drama
  • Waterliliies northern NSW

    Waterliliies Northern NSW

    The colours and reflections complement this simple image <
  • Derelict cottages

    Derelict Cottages

    Old shacks make a great subject
  • window on the past

    Window on the Past

    A derelict cottage at Tunbridge in the midlands area of Tasmania
  • Lake Hanson

    Lake Hanson

    A high glacial lake at Cradle Mt
  • winter morning Cradle Mt

    Winter Morning Cradle Mt

    Just before sunrise is a wonderful time for landscape photography
  • Liffey Falls Tasmania

    Liffey Falls Tasmania

    A panoramic image is needed to capture these beautiful falls
  • Mersey Hut

    Mersey Hut

    This image has a painterly quality
  • Midlands Hwy bridge

    Midlands Hwy bridge

    An old stone brige in lovely late afternoon light
  • Nelson Falls

    Nelson Falls

    Long exposure photography
  • Paperbarks Sisters Beach

    Paperbarks Sisters Beach

    Threatening rain added to the atmosphere
  • Weindorfers Forest

    Weindorfers Forest

    Moss covered creek bed - Lake St Clair National Park
  • Pelicans


    Pelicans silhouetted in the late afternoon
  • primary colours

    Primary colours

    The simplicity of the scene and colours help make this image
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